I'm finally building the Log Cabin I've always wanted!

Winter of 2004

My grandson Connor and I started cutting and peeling a couple logs.

Connor also helped me pour the four 3' deep corner pads to rest the cabin on.
But then he lost interest and I was on my own...

Three logs set now!

Door Frame set! (My youngest granddaughter Maddy is just a few months old)

Going up! I just got the north window frame set...

A lot of work!!!

I'm cutting the trees from the woods around our house.
Then it's hard work, dragging them to the cabin,
debarking them with a draw knife, getting them up on the wall, and notching them onto the logs below.

(Those first two rafters were a challenge to get set by myself!)
I pushed them up with a pole and set the pole on the top of the ladder.
Then I climbed down carefully and climbed up the ladder that's resting on the wall to nail it solid.

I had some of my logs cut into lumber for the gables and interior of the cabin.

I put the gable wall studs over my porch today.
It's taken me four years to get this far just working on it when ever I could.

Just finished the roofing today! Now on to the gables...

OK, I got the gables finished today! I plan on doing the door and two windows next...

I have the door and the north window frame installed. Now on to the south window.

Change in plans after a limb fell through the roof...
I had 2 huge willows by my house and two smaller ones by the cabin cut down!

OK, now I have four trees down to clean up. A lot of work but
I'll have plenty of firewood to keep me warm for a long time!

I have the storm damage repaired and almost all the trees cleaned up
and I ran the chimney through the roof while I was up there.
Now I want to make a couple windows before I start chinking the inside with saplings.

Now that I have the two windows in
I'm going to wrap the cabin in tarps so that I can take my old
wood stove inside and hold some heat in while I'm chinking the inside.

Well I got the cabin wrapped with tarps but I forgot about the ridge vent.
All the heat goes right up and out it.
So I'm going to seal up the ceiling and gable walls next...

I have it insulated now and while I have a temporary scaffold in place
on the tie beams I'm going to put boards on the ceiling and gable walls before chinking.

OK, it's cold out there! I'm going to Florida for a while to warm up.
I have to power wash the boards before I put them up so I'm going to
wait until it gets a little warmer to do that outside...

Well it's back to work on my cabin now. I've started putting boards on my ceiling.
I'm putting 45° angles on all edges so that it's easier for me to keep both ends of
the board in place by myself while nailing it to the ceiling.

I had to do some Spring clean-up and other yard work. But I got that almost done
and now I got back to the cabin long enough to finish the south side of the ceiling.
Now I can move my scafold to the north side and get that done. But first I need to
get some more boards cleaned, edges cut straight on 45's and parallel to each other....

OK... I had to finish remodeling the outside of a rental house by installing siding
this summer so I didn't work on my cabin.
Now I'm helping a friend work on his house this winter (he helped me side my house)
Next summer I plan on finishing my cabin!!!



Hey I did work a little on my cabin this year after all!
See the wreath in the window!!


My friend has company coming up to visit in his home for a while and he
doesn't want us to make any more mess there until they are gone. (Imagine that?)
So I got to work on my cabin a while. I finished the ceiling in the main room today.
I want to cover the end gable in the picture below with some interesting vertical boards next

I'm almost done covering the gable with boards that
were cut from a big willow tree that blew down on the island
I'm using the first cuts that don't have straight edges over the joints of other 20" wide boards.

And here's the other gable end of the cabin and my loft.
I hope to get that gable finished next week.

I almost finished the gable above my loft today.
I just want to bleach those two dark boards and it will be finished

I poured a 6" deep concrete pad under the bottom logs of the cabin.
Now I'll go inside and pour a concrete floor

I'm pouring 3" of concrete on top of heavy plastic to keep the moisture
and varmits from getting under the wood floor I will put down next.

A concrete truck can't get to the cabin so I'm pouring the concrete in 24" strips.
I have to haul dry 60 lb. bags to the cabin and mix it there.
It takes sixteen bags to do each strip, and I can only mix two bags at a time in my mixer
so It will take eight pours to get each strip done that way.
(It isn't real pretty but nobody will ever see it when I get the wood floor down
so I'm not going to spend a lot of time finishing it ;-)

I'm almost to the door now with my concrete. So I'm going to move whats in the cabin up on the concrete that is poured.
Then I can start filling in the last space starting from the far end away from the door.
That way I can work myself right out the door.

I finished pouring the concrete floor. Tomorrow I hope to be able to start chinking.

Now I'm filling in the big spaces between some of the logs with wood so I can chink all the joints next.
It will be great to get this part done so I can be warm in there this winter while finishing the inside!

It was almost impossible to get the chinking up through the 2" space at the top of the wall.
I finally found that if I formed a 2" wide X 1½" deep paddy of chinking about 2' long on my mortar board
I could slice off ½" Hunks of mortar with my 2" wide putty knife and turn the knife so the chinking was
on it's bottom as I lifted it through the opening without it falling off! It was a long tedious process but I got it done!

I finished chinking the west end of my cabin today.
It was easier to do on this wall and quicker too!
Tomorrow I'll start on the north wall.
That's the side I look at from our dining room so I hope it turns out real nice...

Now the North side is chinked. Only the East side to do now!
I'll start that tomorrow weather permitting.

I finished chinking the East Side today. (The side with the door on it)
But see how different the north side looks once the chinking dries out completely.
It really shows up now! I'm going to try to get the inside chinked next.
We'll see how the weather cooperates...
What happened to all the leaves!

I'm almost done on the first inside wall. It's more work than I thought
now that I have to keep cleaning and moving stuff out of the way in the cabin.
I only had to go out to the cabin one night so far to build a fire in the stove when it got down to freezing.
(I really have to haul some of this stuff back to my shop!)

I finished chinking the first inside wall today!
I don't know if the weather will hold out for me to get any more done but I'm going to try...

Our first snow of this season
We work hard to build the things we want.
But it takes the Lord to make them into a thing of real beauty.

I finished chinking the third inside wall today. (On the left)
I also got the top three joints on the last wall boarded and nails installed so they are ready to chink tomorrow.
I brought a little kerosene heater out to the cabin so I can start it up if it's going to be freezing temperatures that night!
This way I'm going to be able to finish all the chinking this week without having to sleep out there!:)

The walls are chinked!
I finished the last wall today. I had to lay on the floor to chink that bottom joint.
It was harder than I thought. (Maybe because of my age?!;)
Next I want to put the wooden floor down. I'll start that tomorrow...

Well I changed my mind. The good weather contiued until today!
So I got to insulate and board up under my loft. (over my porch)
This will help keep me warmer when I sleep up there this winter.
I still have some caulking & grouting to do tomorrow.
Then the wooden floor inside maybe?

I finally got started on my wood floor today. I have the north half almost framed in.
I still have some more supports to place and the hangers to put under each end.
Then I can insulate and put a sub-floor down. When that's done I plan on moving
the stove and stuff to this end so I can do the same to the south side.

Well I finished the north half of my sub-floor today.
Now I can move all my stuff onto it and then start on the south end.
I'll have to put a 5' offset on my stove pipe so I can get that working up there.
I got my cabin all decorated for Christmas too. (See the wreath back in the window!)

I started putting the pine flooring down now. I had to scribe the first boards to the log and cut out for the pipe going down and outside.
I will pull my extention cord through that pipe so I can shut the door after putting the pine down.
There won't be room for it to come under the door any more !:)

I had to raise my stove about 1" so that I could run the pine under it and still have some heat.

I'm now half way with my pine flooring and the stove is back on the floor.
(sometimes I have a swig of wine while working to warm me up)

I finished the back half of the flooring a couple days ago!
Today I filled in the center 1 1/2" space of my tie beams with 2x4's so they're ready to cover with oak.
I also dug my oak boards out from under a tarp that was covered with 2' of snow,
carried them into the cabin, and stacked them to dry.
I hope they will be ready to use soon...

Today I finished placing the top two boards above the north wall and covering the three tie beams with oak.
I think that the next thing I'll do out here is build a ladder to get up to the loft
with a small sycamore tree that I cut down last Fall.

I got three small sections of the tree peeled today.
2 for the side rails and I'll cut 7 rungs out of the 3rd one
I'll see if they will work for the ladder tomorrow maybe !:)

I pulled this fallen pine tree the rest of the way down.
Then I cut the stump off the tree, cut off all the branches from the log, and burned them.
I pulled the log over to the cabin with my Allis Chalmers WD45. I think I will be able to use that for making something!
It was a job getting the stump pulled the rest of the way out of the ground. It was even a
lot of work cutting it and the root ball into small pieces that I can burn.
Now that I have the creek branch that goes around my island blocked off I want to dig it deeper and narrower.
Dottie doesn't think I can do that any more but I'm going to give it a try.
But before I do that it's back to finish the cabin...

I've been working on the yard stuff so much the last six weeks I didn't work on my ladder.
We've had some rainy weather lately so I finally got to work on that ladder I started so long ago. Much more fun!!!

I made a light fixture and hung it over where the permanent table will be. I think it will light up that area nicely

I finally finished my ladder last week.
I drilled 3/8" x 36" holes through each step & rail, and put a 3/8" treaded rod through it
so I could bolt the rails solid at each step that I had recessed into it. It will also strengthen the steps.
I think it will hold up just fine now.

I put some gravel down for my "Front Porch". I think that will be just fine.

Now I'm working on some "rooms" in my cabin.
Here's the "dining room"


"Half Bath"

The other half will be outside!

And I'm working on the "bedroom" right now

My "Bedroom" is done now and my son & granddaughter
are coming here to spend a night or two up here.
I'll be sleeping out here too, it should be fun!

August 2015
I decided to put a porch on after all.

Now that the cabin is done I cooked pancakes and sausauges
for my wife daughter and grandson on the woodstove.
That was another new experence for me! It all turned out good!

Connor & Dottie helped with the sausauges while I got to eat

It was cold outside but really hot inside with the stove burning!!!

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